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About SI Dance, LLC

Founded in 2011, SI Dance, LLC is known in Williamsburg for its exceptional dance training.

SI Dance, LLC has a large variety of classes for every skill level from beginner to advanced. Whether you are interested in a career in dance or looking to have some fun through a great form of exercise, we have a class that’s right for you.


SI Dance

Dress Codes

Failure to adhere to dress code policies will result in being asked to observe class

Tiny Tots

- Any color leotard and tights
- Ballet shoes and Tap shoes
- Hair pulled back and out of face
- No excess jewelry or dangly earrings.


- Gym shorts or fitted jogger pants - Fitted t-shirt or tank top
- Ballet shoes and Tap shoes
- Hair out of face                                                           

- No excess jewelry. 

Mini Movers 

- Black leotard (or any color leotard)
- Pink tights (skin tone or black tights are also fine) - Tap shoes, Ballet shoes (Pink)
- Hair pulled back and in a secure bun
- No excess jewelry or dangly earrings. 


- Gym shorts or fitted jogger pants
- Fitted t-shirt or tank top
- Tap shoes, Ballet shoes (black)
- Hair out of face, no excess jewelry

Level 1-4
Jazz, Tap, Modern/Contemporary, Acro, Lyrical, Conditioning 


- Leotard or sports bra on top (no baggy t-shirts or tank tops)
- Any color tights with a leotard. Dancers can also wear form fitting leggings or form fitting biker shorts.
- Appropriate dance shoes for style. 

  •  Hair securely pulled back and out of face 

  •  No excess jewelry. No dangly earrings (studs only) 

  •  No loose fitting clothing 


- Gym shorts, fitted joggers, athletic leggings
- Fitted t-shirt or tank top
- Dance belt to be worn under shorts/joggers/leggings - Appropriate Dance shoes for style (see above)
- Hair out of face
- No excess jewelry. No dangly earrings.
- No loose-fitting clothing

Shoe Recommendations

- Tap- Tap shoes (black) Capezio, Bloch, CG09, Jason Samuels
- Jazz/Musical Theatre- Split sole jazz shoe (tan or black), Capezio or Bloch - Lyrical- Jazz Shoe, Pirouette shoes/Lyrical shoes
- Modern/Contemporary- Bare feet

- Hip Hop- Clean sneakers that are worn for dance only
- Acro & Conditioning- Bare feet 

Hip Hop 

Street clothing, clean sneakers. Sneakers should be used as dance shoes only. Dancers will be asked to take off any sneakers with debris in them. 

Ballet Dress Code Levels 1-4 


- Black leotard for ALL levels 

  • -  All girls are required to wear a 3/4-inch white elastic waistband. These can be purchased from Discount Dance online for $5 or made from white elastic. 

  • -  Pink Tights (tights must be worn inside of shoes- no footless or rolled up tights.) Mesh seamed tights are preferred, but not required. 

  • -  Pink ballet shoes with sewn elastics 

  • -  Hair must be in a secured bun. This means hairspray/gel and bob pins. 

  • -  No Jewelry (other than stud earrings) 

  • -  No skirts, shorts, etc. to be worn over leotards 

  • -  You are welcome to bring a water bottle into class. Having to leave the room for water is disruptive. 

  • -  Drawstrings should be tucked into the shoes, and pointe shoe ribbings need to be tied properly.


- Black or white t-shirt
- Black tights
- Dance belt, worn under tights - Black ballet shoes 

- Pointe classes are by placement only. Do NOT purchase pointe shoes until you are instructed to do so. 


  •  Please do not sew pointe shoes until they have been approved 

-  Pre-Pointe dancers will need ribbons sewn onto their flat shoes. These shoes can be worn in their regular technique class. 

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